“Fake it till you make it.” Live Video Chat with Robert Gottschlich, the author of Ten Acres in Malibu.

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Join Robert in a lively discussion introducing his novel Ten Acres in Malibu. This novel, which is based on a true story of Robert’s experience taking care of an elderly man with dementia, is the basis of a much larger subject of independent caregiving and personal family relationships. This is a great opportunity to meet Robert, learn about his story, ask questions and meet other chat attendees who may share similar interest in the book and/or who are experiencing the challenges of taking care of someone in their own lives. “Fake it till you Make it” is the often quoted Los Angeles mantra that may be analogous to how one may feel when the feeling of inexperience must be set aside as an obstructive mental barrier when taking care of a loved one in time of need. Robert is an advocate of “Family Style” caregiving and will discuss the distinction with other caregiving methods. With an increasingly aging population, he explains how the topic of caregiving will become a stronger focus in financial planning and retirement discussion. Robert’s story touches more on the human condition and the search for purpose, and as one reader describes the novel, “What started out as a perceived simple task to help an old man, came back in spades in a soulful journey of personal self- exploration.” For more information about Ten Acres in Malibu visit http://www.facebook.com/ 10acresinMailbu For book related updates also follow http://twitter.com/10acresinMalibu