How to Get to ‘I Do’

A Dating Guide for Catholic Women with Author Amy Bonaccorso and Special Guest, Fr. Elias Carr, Can. Reg.

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Award-winning author, life coach, and savvy veteran of the Christian dating scene, Amy Bonaccorso, will share her top dating tips. Learn how her book’s hard-hitting and empowering perspective has changed conversations about Catholic dating since it’s release in 2010. Also, learn how her coaching can help you strengthen your sense of self and achieve your relationship and life goals. She will read from Chapter Seven, “Growing Outside Yourself.” This chapter has fueled much thought and online discussion! What happens if you can’t find a guy at Catholic events or dating websites? What if the guy who treats you the best is not a practicing Catholic? Could God be asking you to open your heart and grow beyond your preconceived notions? Fr. Elias Carr, who influenced this chapter, will make a special appearance to elaborate on his quote on page 73, “Just find a good guy!” What made him say that and what qualifies as a “good guy” these days anyway? Come with your questions and personal stories!