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Interactive Thought Leader Interviews from the ASU GSV Summit

Hosted by Casey Green

April 18 – September 13

eSchool Media, Inc. is bringing online interactive interviews with thought leaders from this year's 2016 ASU GSV Innovation Summit live to an audience of educators across the web. 

Moderating the interviews will be Casey Green, founding director of The Campus Computing Project

Green will be joined by 30 of the leading voices in education and technology including: ASU President Michael Crow, GSV Managing Partner Deborah Quazzo, Olin College of Engineering President Richard Miller, Discovery Education President Bill Goodwyn, IBM Vice President Michael King, and many more.

The annual ASU GSV Summit brings together educators, entrepreneurs, business leaders, policymakers, philanthropists, and university and school district leaders to create partnerships, explore solutions, and shape the future of learning.

The online sessions will be powered by Shindig, the video chat teaching and event platform. Shindig's unique technology will allow for Green and his guest to engage directly with online audience members and enable participants to ask the interview subjects their own questions.

The Shindig platform enables online participants to discuss, network, and socialize with one another as if they were attending the ASU GSV Summit. The interactive conversations from the Summit will be archived at eSchoolNews.com and eCampusNews.com for access after the Summit.

Register below to hold your spot for each day's session of interviews and receive a reminder shortly before each session begins as well as updates to the interview schedule.

Note while the video streams of the interviews will be available on all devices including tablets and phones, to fully participate, ask your own video chat questions or interact with other online participan

  • Interactive Thought Leader Interviews from the ASU GSV Summit: 2
    Hosted by Casey Green

    12:00pm PT (3:00pm ET) - Casey Green, Campus Computing

    12:20pm PT (3:20pm ET) - Dr. Michael Crow, President, Arizona State University

    12:40pm PT (3:40pm ET) Melissa Davis, CEO, GoEnnounce

    1:00pm PT (4:00pm ET) - Dan Greenstein, Director Postsecondary Success, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

    1:20pm PT (4:20pm ET) - Misty Frost, Senior Vice President Marketing, Instructure

    1:40pm PT (4:40pm ET) - Jon Phillips, Managing Director of Worldwide Education, Dell

    2:00pm PT (5:00pm ET) - Susan Fuhrman, President, Teachers College at Columbia University

    2:20pm PT (5:20pm ET) - Ted Mitchell, Under Secretary of Education, US Department of Education

    2:40pm PT (5:40pm ET) - John Galvin, VP Education, & Elizabeth Broers, Director, Intel Ed Accelerator

    3:00pm PT (6:00pm ET) - Jonathan Finkelstein, CEO, Credly

    3:20pm PT (6:20pm ET) - Karen Cator, CEO, Digital Promise

    3:40pm PT (6:40pm ET) - Christine Willig, President K-12 Education Group, McGraw Hill

    4:00pm PT (7:00pm ET) - Rahim Rajan, Sr. Program Officer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

  • Interactive Thought Leader Interviews from the ASU GSV Summit: 3
    Hosted by Casey Green

    12:00pm PT (3:00pm ET) - John Katzman, CEO, Noodle

    12:20pm PT (3:20pm ET) - Jim Ptaszynski, Senior Fellow, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

    12:40pm PT (3:40pm ET) - Bridget Burns, Director, University Innovation Alliance

    1:00pm PT (4:00pm ET) - Richard Miller, President for Olin College of Engineering

    1:20pm PT (4:20pm ET) - Bill Goodwyn, President of Discovery Education

    1:40pm PT (4:40pm ET) - Adrian Sannier, Chief Academic Technology Officer, ASU Online

    2:00pm PT (5:00pm ET) - Mark Schneider, Vice President and Senior Fellow, AIR

    2:20pm PT (5:20pm ET) - Matthew Pittinsky, CEO, Parchment

    2:40pm PT (5:40pm ET) - Ron Reed, Executive Producer, SXSWEDU

    3:00pm PT (6:00pm ET) - John Wilson, President Morehouse College

    3:20pm PT (6:20pm ET) - Chip Paucek, CEO, 2U

    3:40 pm PT (6:40pm ET) - Sandy Speicher, Managing Director, IDEO

    4:00pm PT (7:00pm ET) What Did We Learn? Closing Conversation with Wendy La Duke, eSchool Media & Casey Green, Campus Computing 

  • Interactive Thought Leader Interviews from the ASU GSV Summit: 1
    Hosted by Casey Green

    1:20pm PT (4:20pm ET) Michael Goldstein, Co-Chair, Higher Education Practice, Cooley LLP

    1:40pm PT (4:40pm ET) - Lou Pugliese, Senior Innovation Fellow, Arizona State University

    2:00pm PT (5:00pm ET) - Jacob Daya, Founder & CEO of EdTech Israel

    2:20pm PT (5:20pm ET) - Michael King, IBM VP & General Manager of Global Education Industry

    2:40pm PT (5:40pm ET) - Richard Carranza, Superintendent, SFO Unified School District

    3:00pm PT (6:00pm ET) - Deborah Quazzo, Founder and Managing Partner at GSV

    3:20pm PT (6:20pm ET) - Darryl Adams, Superintendent, Coachella Valley Schools

    4:00pm PT (7:00pm ET) - Alan Arkatov, Katzman/Ernst Chair, USC

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