What's Our Story? A Peek Behind the Curtain at Disney-Hyperion

This event is over. Sorry you missed it.

Find out what the "non-Disney content" imprint at Disney Publishing is up to. You'll have the opportunity to learn about the picture book treats from Rotem Moscovich, middle grade goodies from Stephanie Lurie, and YA hits from Emily Meehan. Once you have a sense of what the editors are looking for in each category, the chances will be better that your story will be their story. Agenda: 8:30-9pm EST: There will also be a 30-minute faculty-free virtual cocktail party before the presentation begins so you can talk and meet other writers. Agent Jill Corcoran and author/moderator Martha Brockenbrough will participate in the virtual cocktail party. Faculty can join in if they choose. 9-10pm EST: A 60 min presentation by our faculty, moderated by Martha Brockenbrough. 10-10:30pm EST: A 30 minute Q&A where participants can ask faculty their questions.