Get in touch with your inner Diva! Interactive Video Chat Event

Stop hair shedding, hair breakage and stimulate hair growth

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This Highly informative tutorial will give women the knowledge and tools on how to keep hair from shedding and breakage and stimulate hair growth. Winter months are drying and alotot of women struggle to mantain moisture levels in their hair and keep hair healthy and growing. Dry weather wreaks havoc on your . Whether your hair is : Relaxed, color treated, are a weave or hair extension wearer . Cindy promises to give you all the hair care tips with her system which will give you what you desire: Longer, healthier hair. Attendees will be given the opportunity to answer questions afterwards. Special Suprise announcement after tutorials. Background information about Cindy Tawiah: Cindy is a former RN with BSc in Health Studies a Salon owner and manufacturer and founder of Diva by Cindy Hair Care products. Cindy's passion is women and beauty and her mission is to restore self esteem via beauty and hair care. She helps individuals determine what has caused the hair loss or hair damage and helps them find real solutions to their hair care issues. Her goal is to " Change the world one Diva at a time!!!"