Adventures in E-publishing: Keys to Successful Ebooks

This event is over. Sorry you missed it.

Are you interested in publishing your own books but unsure of where to start? Join indie authors Karly Kirkpatrick and Megg Jensen for a free evening of information and conversation on how to kick off a successful platform for publishing your ebooks. Learn the whats, whens, whys, and hows of the business. As part of this interactive presentation, you'll also get the chance to ask your own questions. Karly Kirkpatrick and Megg Jensen first teamed up in early 2011 and have worked together ever since to produce high quality ebooks. With over 30,000 sales between them and over 200,000 downloads in readers' hands, they've got volumes of information to share. Both members of SCBWI, they have given presentations at SCBWI events around Illinois. Karly is the author of five YA books, including the Into the Shadows Trilogy and the Bloody Little Secrets series. Megg has authored the six books of the YA fantasy series, The Song of Eloh Saga. You can find them online at and