Hay House Presents: Gerry Gavin, Messages from Margaret

Video chat book launch event

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Meet Gerry Gavin, author of the new Hay House release, Messages from Margaret, Down-To-Earth Angelic Advice for the World and You, and you will also speak directly to and hear live messages from the Angel Margaret as Gerry channels her for a live Q&A, where the audience will be able to interact and ask questions. Audience members who order the book during the launch will also receive many free give-aways. Jeffrey Howard, the creator of Visionary Business University and a internationally renowned success coach will be conducting the interview. When the first supernatural occurrences began, Gerry Gavin was, to say the least, skeptical. But as the messages from otherworldly beings grew stronger, he came to accept and reach out to them. Then when he came into contact with his guardian angel, Margaret, he discovered that he could communicate with her through writing letters. Their correspondence began by focusing on personal guidance, but soon expanded to assisting anyone who came to Gerry for her sage wisdom. In Messages from Margaret, Gerry brings her messages to the world, taking readers on a journey from the beginning of creation to the current day, delving into why this is such a special moment in history and explaining how we all have the power to change the planet. Controversial issues are addressed, and common myths debunked, with simple explanations and easy-to-understand language. This book will resonate with readers long after putting it down and change the way we think about our everyday lives. More information about Gerry Gavin and Messages from Margaret can be found at www.gerrygavin.com and you can also connect with Gerry on Twitter: @GerryGavin RESERVE YOUR SPOT BY CLICKING HERE!