How to Make a Living and Change the World

Launch of PCDN's Online Event Series with Dr. Craig Zelizer

This event is over. Sorry you missed it.

The fields of international peace, conflict resolution, and development offer ample career opportunities for all levels of professionals. However, many individuals experience significant challenges in gaining the right experiences and credentials to pursue work in these fields. Thus, this interactive online event will address different career options in the field, how to gain the necessary credentials, including educational and professional experiences, and how to more effectively market oneself in the digital age. There will also be ample opportunity to ask questions via chat or video. In sum, individuals participating in this webinar will leave with knowledge on: - Breadth of career opportunities in peace, conflict, development and related fields; - Educational and professional avenues to gain access to careers in these fields; - What makes a compelling application and strategies for marketing via social media. About Dr. Zelizer: Dr. Zelizer is the founder of the Peace and Collaborative Development Network, an online platform that connects over 30,000 professionals and organizations in development, peacebuilding and related fields. PCDN is dedicated to democratizing access to provide agents of change with the tools, resources, connections and information to be more effective in their work. Dr. Zelizer is also the Associate Director of the MA in Conflict Resolution within the Department of Government at Georgetown University.