Earning the Reader's Trust

The Editors of Roaring Brook Press/Macmillan

This event is over. Sorry you missed it.

When a reader sits down to read a book, they are entering into a hallowed contract with the author. Therefore, it is crucial for an author to earn the sacred trust of their reader with every page of their picture book or novel. Join Editor Kate Jacobs and Executive Editor Nancy Mercado in a discussion about the importance of gaining and maintaining the trust of your reader. Agenda: 8:30-9pm EST: There will also be a 30-minute faculty-free virtual cocktail party before the presentation begins so you can talk and meet other writers. Agent Jill Corcoran and author/moderator Martha Brockenbrough will participate in the virtual cocktail party. Faculty can join in if they choose. 9-10pm EST: A 60 min presentation by our faculty, moderated by Martha Brockenbrough. 10-10:30pm EST: A 30 minute Q&A where participants can ask faculty their questions.